What is Founders Club 2.0?

To commemorate the amazing progress and growth of dōTERRA, a new kind of Founders Club is starting — U.S. Founders Club 2.0! This is a golden opportunity to become a next-generation founder in the United States.

Who is dōTERRA?

Founded in 2008, dōTERRA is the largest essential oil company in the world – offering wide-range of natural solutions options to support a healthy lifestyle. They provide the safest, purest, most potent and most effective essential oils on the market today.

What's at stake?

With 200 SPOTS available, anyone who qualifies will receive a 1/200th share in a 2% POOL of all U.S. volume between $1 billion and $2 billion in annual net sales. In other words, you have the opportunity to earn approx. $80k-$100k PER YEAR in residual income!

In order to qualify, you must be one of the first 200 to reach 1,000 FOUNDER POINTS. Points will be awarded for your personal achievements, as well as the achievements of your personal enrollees.

The more people you enroll and the more successful your team is, the more points you’ll earn.

Why essential oils? Why dōTERRA? Why now?

Essential oils WORK!

Provided they are dōTERRA essential oils, they can provide incredible support for every major system and function in the body – and that's just the beginning!

dōTERRA is the best!

dōTERRA provides the safest, purest, most potent and most effective essential oils on the market today. No other company even comes close.

Why NOT now!?

There has never been (and will never be) a better time to take control of your health and wellness than RIGHT NOW! How much longer are you willing to wait...?

How do I get started?

It’s simple.

  1. Enroll as a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate with an enrollment kit
  2. Email me to let me know you're in! (and so I can get your welcome gift out to you 😉)
  3. Follow me on social media for weekly educational training

From there, maintain a monthly order of 100 PV, share this opportunity with others, get them to participate in Founders Club 2.0 and watch your points add up.

It really is that simple.

What if I need help?

You ask me! Seriously.

I'm dedicated to helping every member of my team become one of the next founders. The beauty of this program is EVERYONE has the same opportunity to earn one of those 200 spots as the person ahead of them.

Heck! Nothing would make me happier than to see YOU get one of those spots before me! That means I did everything right to put you on the path towards success.

This is one of my favorite quotes because it is perfect for this opportunity. There's no way I could tell you everything you need to know right now. But getting started is the hardest part. The rest – you'll figure that out along the way.

I promoise you – I will do everything in my power provide you with all the tools, training and guidance at my disposal to put you on the best path to success. All you have to do is say YES!

Are you ready?!

Select your enrollment kit and let's get started!

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Looking forward to seeing what you can create!

Dustin Kratochwill

Certified Essential Oil Specialist

dōTERRA Wellness Advocate

Digital Content Creator