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Frequently Asked Questions

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Dont feel bad. This is the same for everyone.

Without getting into the over-complicated scientific jargon, essential oils are highly-concentrated organic compounds found in the roots, bark, seeds, flowers, foliage or other areas of a plant. They are what give the plant its aroma, protect it from environmental conditions and also play a role in the plants growth, pollination and reproductive process. They are, for lack of a better expression, the lifeblood of plants. Without essential oils, these plants would most certainly fail to survive.

Essential oils are mostly comprised of volatile aromatic compounds. These compounds are tiny, organic molecules that rapidly transform from their liquid or solid state into a gas at room temperature. This means that merely a few drops of an essential oil can quickly fill up a room with a lasting and powerful aroma. Essential oils are mainly produced through a distillation process which makes them super-concentrated and highly-potent. For example, just one drop of Peppermint oil is equivellant to 28 cups of peppermint tea. Whoa!

Aromatically - The most common way to use essential oils aromatically is with a diffuser. There are several different types of diffusers but the most popular uses ultrasonic pulses to vaporize a mixture of water and oils to rapidly transform them from a liquid to a gas. This allows you to quickly fill a room with a lasting aroma. You can also place a drop or two in your hands, rub them together and take a few deep breaths to take advantage of the aromatic benefits. You can even create a solution of essential oils and water in a small spray bottle and use it to refresh fabrics, carpet, or simply spray in the air to freshen up a room.

Topically - Essential oils can be placed directly on the area of the body you are looking to support and a little goes a long way. In most cases, all you need are 2-3 drops messaged into the supported area once a day. The most common areas of application are the neck, forehead and temples, chest and abdomen, and arms, legs and bottom of feet. Avoid your eyes, ears, and nose and if you have sensitive skin, you might want to dilute the oil with a carrier oil beforehand.

Internally - I ONLY recommend taking doTERRA essential oils internally! Not all essential oils can be used internally so be sure to follow all instructions before taking any essential oil internally. For those that are safe, there are a few ways you can take them internally. You can add a few drops to a glass of water or a veggie capsule, place a drop or two under the tongue, or add it to your favorite food item.

Essential oils can support you in so many ways that the possibilities are truly endless. When thinking about how essential oils can help you, it really boils down to these 5 main categories: Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually, and even Financially. Some of the more common and everyday uses of oils would include:

  • Supporting healthy immune, digestive, respiratory and nervous system function
  • Soothing occasional skin irritations and promoting healthy hair and skin
  • Supporting the body's natural protection against seasonal and environmental threats
  • Aiding in the relief of muscle and joint discomfort
  • Helping relieve head tension and calm and soothe the body
  • Supporting and balancing emotions and mood
  • Supporting overall health and wellness and cellular vitality
  • Household cleaning and disinfection
  • And so much more!

Not all essential oils are created equal. The oils you find at big box retailers and online shopping websites are NOT the same as doTERRA essential oils. As the process of extracting and distilling essential oils from plant material is both lenghty and highly-involved, when you can get a 100mL bottle of oil for less than $10; I question the quality. Large quantities of oil for that cheap can mean one of two things – they aren’t pure (made with snythetic ingredients) or are highly diluted or adulterated (mixed with other organic or inorganic compounds).

doTERRA is the ONLY company that offers Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils that are of the highest quality and sourced to you using only the finest ingredients. With doTERRA, it’s not only about providing you with a quality product, but also making an impact in the communities where raw ingredients are harvested. Ingredients are sourced from all over the world and produced in countries far and wide – many of which are highly underdeveloped and have very small economies. doTERRA creates a sustainable environment and a partnership between the company and the growers. This commitment not only preserves the quality of the product, but builds the communities and economies where these oils are produced.

The first step is to enroll as a Wellness Advocate with one of the starter kits above. From there, you will have the option to enroll in the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP). This program rewards you for being a repeat customer and also allows you the opportunity to earn commissions from others who you introduce to doTERRA. In order to receive commissions each month, you will be required to purchase at least 100 product value (PV) with your monthly LRP order. This is your "cost of doing business" and is required in order to recieve commission for the previous month.

Results are not typical and the amount of money you make is dependent upon how much time and effort you are willing to put into your business. If this is of interest to you, check out the section above to learn more.

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